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WELCOME TO warkworth, New Zealand.
Mahurangi River Warkworth Town Mahurangi River English architecture Bars

Some vacationers may live their whole lives without seeing the contented Mahurangi River lap at Warkworth town’s coast.

Few have heard its stories of thunderous steamboats and perilous trips for necessary trade with Auckland. They may have even known that here, American men trained for combat, unaware of the tribulations overseas in what is known today as the second World War.

Mahurangi River

But many who have not yet stumbled on these truths are also missing the experience of sweet restfulness in a land that has seen so much. Since New Zealand’s towns were never touched by the devastation of war, the land has been well preserved. Today, this allows buildings and artifacts built long before the 1930’s to speak for themselves.

Its historical value aside, Warkworth has an undeniably unique culture. Combining the peace of country living, with old English architecture, and island charm, Warkworth challenges world travelers to find anything like it.

And while the community’s market festivals and dainty cafes may be enough to tempt any visitor, its famed wine country is one of the main attractions, drawing many more guests with a taste for adventure.

There are plenty of restaurants and wineries to choose from, as well as wine bars, gelato, and tearooms. Self-proclaimed “foodies” will notice the carefully prepared, organic dishes at local cafes, often with vegan and “gluten-free” options. Not to mention, visitors can dine at the golf club and enjoy many more leisurely activities.

So whether you are a travel enthusiast, a historian, or just a vacationer planning an unforgettable trip, nothing compares to the delight of discovering Warkworth, New Zealand for yourself.